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Selling a Home

Welcome home sellers!

Having sold several homes I know how precious your home is to you. No doubt you have put a lot of effort into making it what it is today, you’ve made great memories inside the walls of the house, and you are proud of what it has become.

Selling a home is a process that requires many steps and using a professional gets the job done right. I have the experience and the contacts to make the sale of your house go by smoothly and as quickly as possible for the price that you want. Don’t only take my word for it read the testimonials left by my already satisfied customers.

As a licensed real estate broker I can promise you peace of mind, protection, proper representation, pre-qualified buyers, and properly filled documentation. Furthermore, I guarantee the sale of your home or my services are free.

Selling Process

  1. Comparative market analysis and pricing the property
  2. Listing the property on MLS and advertising it on several websites and in advertisements
  3. Open houses and visit appointments
  4. Presenting and accepting offers
  5. Signing all contracts, inspections, mortgage approval and closing

Open House Process

There are a few things to keep in mind when preparing your home for an open house. This is a small list of the most important things to do before and during the visits.

  • Free the house of any clutter.
  • Make sure there is a lot of light. If during the day all curtains and shades should be open or, if during the dark, all the lights should be on.
  • All rooms should be open if possible.
  • The house should smell nice with the use of scented candles or a quick spray of air freshener.
  • Pets should be out of the house or kept in a room so as to not make the guests feel uncomfortable or distracted.
  • Kids should be well behaved or out of the house if at all possible to keep the guests focused on the home and the agent's sale.
  • If guests ask any detailed questions be sure to refer them to the selling agent.
  • Try to keep a distance from the potential buyers as your presence can be interpreted as intimidating and might make them feel uncomfortable.